Cloisonne Vintage: Reviving Timeless Craftsmanship with Ersenn's Artistic Innovation
12.22.2023 | ERSENN | Cloisonne DIY Kits Blog

Ersenn, a distinguished brand in the realm of creative solutions, introduces a game-changer for enthusiasts and artists alike - the Cloisonne Vintage collection. At the heart of this collection is the Cloisonne Special Glue, a revolutionary product designed to elevate your cloisonne artworks to new heights. In this article, we will explore the key features, usage, and benefits of Ersenn's Cloisonne Special Glue.

The Essence of Cloisonne Vintage

Cloisonne Special Glue: A Masterpiece Unveiled

Ersenn's Cloisonne Special Glue is a testament to the brand's commitment to preserving the beauty of cloisonne artworks. Crafted with precision and innovation, this glue is more than just an adhesive; it's a protective shield that enhances the longevity and vibrancy of your creations. Let's dive into the key features that make this product a must-have for every cloisonne artist.

Key Features

1. Transparent - Maintaining Color Vibrancy

One of the standout features of Ersenn's Cloisonne Special Glue is its transparency. This unique characteristic ensures that the glue does not compromise the color vibrancy of your artwork. In the world of cloisonne, where intricate patterns and vibrant hues are the essence of the craft, this transparency is a game-changer. Your artwork remains as vivid and captivating as the day it was crafted.

2. Protective - A Transparent Shield for Your Masterpiece

The Cloisonne Special Glue goes beyond being a bonding agent. Once it solidifies, it forms a transparent protective layer over the surface of your artwork. This layer acts as a shield, safeguarding your masterpiece from environmental factors, dust, and wear over time. The protective quality ensures that your cloisonne creation retains its beauty for years to come, making it a worthy investment for artists and collectors alike.

Usage Guidelines: Unleashing the Magic

To unlock the full potential of Ersenn's Cloisonne Special Glue, follow these simple yet effective usage guidelines. These steps are carefully crafted to ensure optimal results, enhancing both the durability and aesthetic appeal of your cloisonne artwork.

1. Fill the Laminating Glue into a Spray Bottle

Begin the transformation of your artwork by filling a spray bottle with Ersenn's Cloisonne Special Glue, also known as Laminating Glue. The use of a spray bottle ensures an even application across the entire surface, allowing for consistent and reliable results.

2. Apply When Cloisonné Enamel Powders are Semi-Dry

Timing is crucial in the world of cloisonne. To achieve the best results, apply the Laminating Glue when your cloisonne enamel powders are semi-dry, not completely dry. This stage allows for optimal adherence, ensuring a secure bond between the powders and the underlying surface.

3. Evenly Spray Across the Entire Artwork

With the spray bottle in hand, evenly distribute the Laminating Glue across the entire artwork. This step is pivotal in creating a uniform protective layer and securing the cloisonne powders onto the board.

4. Allow 12-24 Hours for Full Solidification

Patience is a virtue in the world of art. After applying the Cloisonne Special Glue, leave your artwork flat for 12-24 hours. This time frame allows the glue to fully solidify, ensuring a robust bond between the powders and the surface. It also marks the formation of the transparent protective layer that will safeguard your artwork.

5. Repeat Operation for Enhanced Durability

For those seeking an extra layer of durability, the process can be repeated 2-3 times. Each repetition strengthens the bond and further enhances the protective qualities of the Cloisonne Special Glue. This optional step is particularly beneficial for artists creating pieces intended for long-term display or frequent handling.

Conclusion: Preserving Heritage, Crafting Legacies

Ersenn's Cloisonne Vintage collection, with its star player - the Cloisonne Special Glue, transcends the boundaries of traditional art supplies. It is a bridge between the rich heritage of cloisonne craftsmanship and the modern desire for longevity and vibrancy. By seamlessly blending transparency with protection, this glue becomes a silent guardian, ensuring that your cloisonne creations remain timeless masterpieces for generations to come.

Invest in the magic of Ersenn's Cloisonne Special Glue and embark on a journey to preserve the past, craft legacies, and redefine the boundaries of cloisonne artistry. Elevate your creations with the touch of transparency and protection, and let your artwork stand as a testament to the seamless fusion of tradition and innovation.